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Adding Wind Power: How Does It WORK

When I am President”, said the elected new US President Barack Obama, “any governor who’s willing to promote clean energy will have a partner in the White House. Any company that’s willing to invest in clean energy will have an ally in Washington. And any nation that’s willing to join the cause of combating climate change will have an ally in the United States.”  Of course, by clean energy, the young president-elect surely meant wind and solar energy that are available free of cost and aplenty. All one needs is to harness these renewable forms of energy to obtain the clean electricity. Needless to say, this is great news for our planet where pollution has already reached alarming levels. And so, there is so importance that is being attached to clean power such as wind and solar energy. In fact, wind energy or wind power energy should not only help reduce dependence on fossil-fuel based electricity but also may replace it altogether in the not too distant future.

Adding Wind Power


The Americans have accepted the challenge individually as well severally in most states. Not only are people in greater numbers installing wind turbines in their homes and ranches to augment power but utilities are also now investing larger capital to generate and transmit wind power from source to actual locations. In this respect, Duluth, Minn. based Minnesota Power, an ALLETE company has signed an agreement to procure an interstate transmission line in phasing out a contract to buy fossil fuel based power. The utility has already announced its intention to purchase the transmission line as part of its policy to develop wind energy to meet a state mandate requiring 25% renewable energy by 2025. As per the agreement, the Minnesota Power is going to procure DC current transmission line from Square Butte Electric Cooperative at a total cost of $80 million while the 465-mile line that had so far carried fossil fuel based electricity will henceforth carry wind-generated electricity.


To encourage residences and commercial establishments to opt for wind power, there are already many policies in place from local authorities. And why not – after all not only do you contribute to clean up the air by adding wind power, you also save on your power bills because wind power is sure to cut down on the bills dramatically. However, in the event of any installation within the United States, the best solution lies in taking a look at the Wind Resource Maps from Windpower America. Here, all one has to do is to select the state and then click on the thumbnail graphic to gaze at the full-sized map.


Adding wind power to reduce reliance on utility may not be complete without a minor reference towards the art of making one’s own wind turbine. Yes you can do it because this is quite easy really. To cut a long story short, one needs a small DC motor, a transformer to convert the DC current available from the motor/turbine to AC current, some wires and a battery bank to do the job. The output may be plugged into the utility so that current generated by the turbine will offset the consumption of electricity from the utility. Alternatively, it may be used to charge the batteries that will supply current as and when needed.


Nevertheless, research is going on full swing for development of more efficient home wind turbines that are absolutely soundless and can operate in bare minimum wind speed so that adding wind power can no more pose a problem to anyone. But currently too, the wind power systems that are available are efficient enough to give you great advantages.


Given the many ecological and financial advantages of wind power, adding wind power makes perfect sense. But to get such a system working, you should know how to make it functional. You must also know where to buy cheap parts and replacement parts from, safety precautions, choosing the best location for the system and also how to complete the wiring.


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