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Cheap Wind Power Can Save Your MONEY

Wind power is normally harnessed with the help of wind turbines that produce electricity when rotated by gusts of wind. Although initially the cost of turbines were rather high, it has become very affordable now on account of several factors. As these turbines are becoming more and more popular, they are being produced in bulk, as a result of which their prices have come down appreciably. Then there are ĎDo-It-Yourself wind power kitsí where one has to merely assemble the various parts available in the kit according to instructions provided with the kit. And lastly, some enterprising individuals make their own turbines from small electric motors, PVC blades, mechanical hubs, transformers that convert DC current generated by the turbine to usable AC current, electronic charge controllers and a conduit that is used as a mast to hoist the turbine 10 feet up from the surface. Even for an amateur enthusiast, these home made turbines cost no more than $100 since most of the ingredients can be fished out of any hardware store at a cheap price, while the electronic items are readily available as well.

Cheap Wind Power

However, to meet the growing demand for residential wind power generator, people tend to experiment with various other means to generate electricity from wind power, as a result of which, several unconventional wind machines have seen the light of the day. Windbelt Wind Generator, invented by 28 year old Shawn Frayne of California may be considered as one cheap wind power machine that is capable of generating under 50 Watt of electricity. Discarding rotary power (as in a turbine), Frayne developed a simple device with a taut Mylar membrane fitted with a pair of neodymium magnets that oscillate in and out of coils of magnetic wire, due mostly to the mechanical resistance of the taut membrane as wind blows across it. At wind speed of 10 mph, the membrane oscillates at 90-100hz. This means that the magnets move in and out of the coils 90 to 100 times per second. Now, when a magnet moves in and out of a coil of wire, electrical current flows through it and thatís precisely how the Windbelt Wind Generator generates electricity cheaply.

Although a single Windbelt generator can produce 40 MW through a 10 mph wind, several such units set up in an array will deliver the desired voltage. At present, the Windbelt generator generates electricity in winds over 4 mph at attack angles of up to 60 degree but as the wind speed increases from 4 mph to 14 mph, the power output increases at a rate close to the cube of the increase in wind speed.

Cheap wind power may also be made through Mini Wind Turbines that are usually found atop 5-meter poles in farm houses or barns that are off grid. The generated power coming out of these miniature wind turbines are often stored in battery banks and passed through inverters that deliver usable 120V or 240V AC current. Though not very practical in everyday use, Mini Wind Turbines do work as supplement to grid power, thereby reducing the overall electricity bill.

Fortunately for us, irrespective of being rich or poor, every country whether in Asia, Europe or America is today interested in utilizing renewable energy through wind, solar or wave for the simple reason that fossil fuel generated electricity creates enough harm, apart from the fact that it is becoming more and more expensive with each passing year. And as for wind energy, the day is not too far when cheap wind power will become affordable for all.

Personal wind power is great news because on the one hand it is clean and good for the environment, and on the other, it saves you on your power bills. But cheap wind power is even better. It is the right move to install such a system because of the tremendous advantages. But before you can gain from cheap wind power, you need to know a few things such as where to buy cheap parts from, safety precautions, choosing the best location and wiring the system.

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