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Cost of Building a Wind Turbine Generator: The Most EFEECTIVE Way

A home wind turbine generator may be built in a couple of ways, namely by way of purchasing a DIY kit where all the components would be provided by the kit manufacturer or procuring all the parts individually and then assembling the turbine generator according to one’s own plan. Since the kits are available for sale at around $150 to $200 there is hardly any scope for discussing the matter in detail and so let us proceed with the other option, i.e. acquiring all the parts individually from different sources and assembling them together.

Cost Of Building A Wind Turbine Generator

To start with, the wind turbine is basically a high rotation DC electric motor and a hunt for the same at the local hardware store should solve the problem easily. However, you should look for one that is not too bulky and has a high rpm rating. Of course, the ratings are printed on the motor’s base plate and so would pose no problem. The DC motor should not cost more than $35.

Now is the time to turn your attention towards making blades for the turbine. Another run to the nearest hardware store would be ok for the job. Procure a 24” long (2 feet) 6” diameter ABS pipe from the hardware fellow and then cut it into 4 pieces. This will give you 4 rigid blades at a cost of $10. You would actually need 3 blades, the 4th one serving as a spare.

I am afraid one more trip to the hardware chap is needed now to fish out a suitable hub for the blades. This however, may take a few days as the hub has to be spindle-friendly with the DC motor apart from the fact that it would be a perfect fit for the blades. In any event, it should not cost more than $5. You may need some more money now to get hold of a few bolts to secure the blades onto the hub.

Your next trip will lead you to the getting a charge controller and a transformer-cum- converter for the wind turbine generating set. The first item is essential for keeping the batteries healthy as it will disconnect the current coming from the turbine to the battery as soon as it becomes fully charged. Over-charging will shorten the life of a battery. The second electronic item will convert the DC current generated by the turbine to 120V AC which is suitable for general consumption However, both the items may cost you around $10.

All that you need now to finish the job is any usable battery for which you will need a trip to the nearest automobile junkyard. There you may salvage out a fully usable battery from a discarded automobile almost for a song or say around $25.

Now that the job is almost over, you should spend another $10 for the housing of the wind turbine generator that may consist of a 6” x 8” ply board and a few screws and bolts to fix the turbine on the board. In order to provide protection to the turbine against the elements, a 6” x 8” aluminum sheet, costing another $5 would be needed.

Adding up the costs together we come to a figure not exceeding $90. Providing an additional 10% for exigencies the sum total comes to $99 as compared to $200 for a kit and $2000 (minimum) for a set available in the market.

Building a wind turbine generator is not really a difficult job to do provided you know how to do it. And there are many advantages as well because the electric wind power that you get is cheap as well. But you should know how to build a wind generator. And you should also know where to buy cheap parts from, safety precautions, choosing the best location and wiring the system. Building such a system has several ecological as well as financial benefits – so go ahead and learn everything so that you can benefit from wind power.

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