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Cost of Wind Energy - Is It Worth It?

Wind, a form of solar power is caused due to various factors like the irregularities of the earthís surface, earthís rotation and uneven heating of the earthís surface by the sunís rays. This unequal heating gives rise to wind that flows from the cooler areas to the warmer zones thereby circulating the energy. This kinetic energy created by wind flow when harvested and machinated by modern methods is called wind energy. Since wind is the resource, the cost of wind energy involved is an interesting subject to ponder upon.

Cost Of Wind Energy


Cost of wind energy: Financing a wind power plant


Today, wind energy shows the fastest growth rate in the world amongst any new source of electricity. The two majorly used wind energy generators are the wind turbines and the wind mills. The cost of wind energy depends on several factors. The cost of wind energy generators installed in the early 1980s was as high as 30 cents per kilowatt-hour. However in the last 20 years a considerable drop in the cost of electricity from the wind energy generators has taken place and this has been by at least 80% if not more. And now the high tech wind energy generators at first-class locations are yielding electricity at an unbelievable rate like 5 cents per kilowatt-hour.


Apart from the reduced rates, wind energy proposes other economical gains that ensure its competitiveness in the long run.  Wind energy generators are free of the dependency on fossil fuels which is facing serious problems of supply breaks these days. On the other hand, wind is a consistent and free resource that can be relied upon wisely enough. The environmental impacts that the conventional power plants pose is also reduced per unit of electricity produced by the wind energy turbines thus making resource planning a very critical decision to be taken. The use of land by the wind energy generators ensures a long-term and fixed income of the farmers and ranchers who lease their farm lands for this wise purpose.


A cost effective wind energy generation bets on the selection of a suitable site. The power generated is directly proportional to the speed of wind, so a site with a wind speed of at least 5 meters per second is desirable to generate a decent supply of power.


Cost of wind energy can be cut short


A smart and clever financing can easily cut down wind power costs. If obtained on the same terms as that of financing gas power plants, wind energy costs can be reduced largely. Also owning a wind project by a utility helps in a substantial reduction of the wind power cost. Like, when owned by a wind developer, a standard 50MW wind plant would deliver wind power as a rate of 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. The same plant when financed by an IOU or investor-owned utility would deliver power at a 30% reduced rate which is 3.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.


Save the environment at a lower cost!


When comparing between a coal power plant and a wind energy plant, the latter gets more points in the favor of saving the environment from polluting agents like greenhouse gases and acid rains causing global warming and visibility degradation. The minute dust-particles released in coal emissions has some more deadly effects on the humans like cardiovascular and respiratory disease, asthma and a higher mortality rate. Wind, being a clean source of energy is highly accepted worldwide.


Coming to the cost of wind energy, itís much less than that involved in the coal power plants. The first and foremost and possibly the biggest plus point of wind energy is that it is a non-polluting resource that is free and renewable Ďní number of times. Besides saving power, wind energy generators are also easy on the economy as compared to the fossil fuel plants since they have a minimum life-cycle cost like no fuel purchasing and minimum operating expenses. Last but not the least, wind power industry is still quite fresh in the market and would need to create a long term contract in this power regeneration domain so as to reduce the finance cost by lowering the market risks.

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