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Facts about Wind Power- UNCOVERED

What is wind power? How is it generated?


Wind is a form of solar power. Wind is the effect of a number of causative factors like the rotation of the Earth, the irregularities of the earth’s surface and by the scratchy heating of the atmosphere by the sun. The diversified earth’s terrain modifies wind flow patterns. Wind flow patterns are also influence by the vegetative covering on the earth’s surface and the bodies of water. Wind flow creates motion energy. And this motion energy when harvested and machinated by modern methods like wind turbines or wind mills can be used as what is called wind energy. The concept of exactly how does wind energy work is being deeply researched theses days. In this article we will be throwing some light on some facts on wind power and what all are its applications and uses.

Facts On Wind Power


Facts on wind power: Myths no more!


Despite all the awareness across the world about power saving and regeneration, there still exists a lot of misconception about wind power amongst the common people. This article is basically focused on some very important and reliable facts on wind energy which will be helpful to clear out our various doubts concerning the subject.


First of all, wind being a form of solar power is an unlimited source of energy that will never get exhausted. Thus wind does never ever need to be produced and there will always be a perpetual supply of it. There is a myth among many people that wind power plants are highly expensive to set up and it takes a lot of monetary capital to establish wind power plants. But the bare fact is that once led off and the initial investment is done, a wind power plant is the most sensible option of electricity or any kind of power generation. The maintenance cost is also fairly negligible. Thirdly the saddest part of the misconception about wind power is that people look down upon this wonderful proficiency as a very weak source of energy that can hardly support even our household requirements.


And here is another of the various amazing facts on wind power. Wind power has the potential of becoming a massive source of renewable power if properly managed. But studies indicate that till 2005 wind power has been utilized for only 1% of the total electricity generation in the world. But the fact is that wind energy alone has the tremendous potential to support the entire world’s requirement for electricity.


Facts about wind energy: ecological compatibility, economics and development


Speaking of the ecological compatibility of the wind power, we can certainly claim that the electric energy that is generated is non-polluting and clean considering that the source being wind itself is clean and pollution free. Besides, wind energy generators have a great deal of advantages over the traditional power plants that are worth mentioning in this context. Compared to the conventional modern power plants wind power generators never produce any air pollutants or greenhouse gas. Apart from saving energy, wind energy plants are also gentle on the wallet as compared to the fossil fuel plants since the former have a minimum life-cycle cost like no fuel purchasing and minimal operating expenses. However, the concerns like visual impact and avian mortality (bats and birds being killed while flying into the rotors) and noise pollution (generated by the rotor blades) are been treated by simple solutions like wisely siting the wind energy plants and technological developments.


The economic facts on wind power distinctly convey a very clear idea that wind as a resource is the most inexpensive and can be renewed ‘n’ number of times! The development of the wind power generators has seen quite a rapid growth rate across the world till date.Germany stands first amongst the leading producers of wind power followed by Denmark and the United States. In spite of the entire awareness, wind power is still the least pondered source so far. This amazing source of renewable power is yet to be seriously and efficiently explored worldwide. Wind power has the potential of generating an unbelievable amount of energy that can easily rule out all those environmental concerns created by the conventional power plants by their toxic emissions. So let us desire for a more cognizant world ahead that looks at wind as a productive and renewable resource.

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