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Green Plains Energy is a promising Delaware, USA based energy consulting company that promotes, facilitates and assists in the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Companies such as these are growing in importance these days because more and more residences as well as commercial establishments are now opting for alternative renewable energy. The local authorities are also promoting and giving incentives for such renewable energy.

Green Plains Renewable Energy


Established in 1999 the company however suffered huge loses in the beginning, which of course was expected for a new company dealing with such avant-garde products or services. Till 2007, the company’s overall losses mounted well over seven million dollars. However this did not have any untoward effect on people since they firmly believed that after all, Green Plains is basically a GREEN company which offers green energy consultancy.


While Green Plains is still going through its teething troubles, they would soon be over, assured Wayne B. Hoovestol, the CEO. “Once construction of our second ethanol plant is finished and the Great Lakes merger closes”, he added, “Our revenues are expected to grow significantly greater levels”.


Green Plains deal in Renewable Energy in the form of Photovoltaic systems, Solar Thermal solutions, geothermal applications, Wind Power utilization and several other HOT DGs. Green Plains are also involved in offering incentives to residents of Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey and a few more places for installing alternative energy. Green Plains Energy is already into the Cannon Homes Project providing solar energy in collaboration with Cannon Custom Homes, Inc and Sustainable Development Fund in a great way where SDF covers 50% of the cost. “Solar power systems can reduce your energy costs throughout the year”, explained Rob Sanders, Fund manager for SDF, “because the roof panels work by absorbing light not heat.” “In fact, on a cool bright winter day, a Photovoltaic system can generate more energy than on a hot day”, he added. On the other hand, Sandra Burton, president of Delaware based Green Plains Energy, solar energy consultant on the project pointed out Cannon’s Traditions community has around 60 lots that are ideally suited for use of solar energy. Yet another award-winning developer and solar personality plans to include photovoltaic panels on the roofs of around one-third of the 168 homes paned for the Active Adult Community.


However, Green Plains that are based in Omaha, NE has followed the policy of becoming a vertically integrated low-cost ethanol producing unit also, while its ethanol segment runs two plants in Iowa with a combined operating capacity of 110 million gallons of ethanol per year. Nevertheless, such forward-looking statements are primarily based on the management’s expectations only and are, therefore, subject to several risk factors and reservations involving actual timings and performances. Moreover, Green Plains are likely to experience unsteady fluctuations in not too distant future on operating results due to various economic circumstances that may not prove beneficial to Green Plains. On top of all that hangs the heavy hand of competition in the ethanol industry.


Despite all the uncertainties, risk factors and allied obstacles, Green Plains is set to achieve its goal, namely of providing alternative source of energy to most American homes, reduce greenhouse effect to a great degree at any cost. What's more, the new American President-elect Barack Obama is sure to come to its aid if Green Plains ever comes to grief because the person himself is a true believer of clean clear renewable energy.


Many American homes are now thinking of opting for renewable energy like installing wind power systems themselves. And luckily, such systems can be installed quite easily and cheaply as well. You should simply know a few things such as where to buy cheap parts from, safety precautions, choosing the best location and wiring the system. There are many ecological as well as financial benefits of wind power and so you may seriously consider installing such a system in your home or commercial establishment.


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