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Homebuilt Wind Generator Power - EXPOSED?

People preferring electricity that is generated by wind power usually goes for wind power Turbines that are sold in the market at varying prices suiting the person’s pocket vis-?-vis the power required. But for those who believe in do-it-yourself modes, there is nothing like home built wind generator power. However, for making home built turbines, one needs a generator, blades to turn it according to available wind speed, a mounting that keeps it turned into the wind, a tower to get it up into the wind, a battery bank and an electronic control system that can switch the generated power from batteries to a dummy load. And a clear idea as to how all these items should be used to make the generator at home.

Homebuilt Wind Generator Power


As for the first item, one may look for motors that run when connected to a power line and inversely generate power when run by wind or any other means. However, all motors do not follow the textbook formula, producing inadequate power when spinning at the rated rpm. Therefore, it needs some amount of picking and choosing till the desired type of motor can be selected.


The next step towards making a home built wind generator or a wind turbine (technical term used for such an item) require making of blades. The blades may be carved out of wood or for convenience’s sake from 6 inch ABS pipe that is 24 inches long. Cut lengthwise into 4 pieces, they would provide one with 4 blades, out of which 3 are to be used while the 4th may serve as a spare blade for replacement when anyone of them gets damaged.


While progressing further with the project, one needs a hub to which the blades are to be attached. This probably needs a visit to the nearest home-center store where an appropriate hub can be found. Once located, it becomes a simple job to bolt the blades to the hub and fixing the assembly to the shaft of the motor.


This being done to one’s satisfaction, the next action point involves making a mounting frame for the turbine which can be easily achieved by strapping the turbine to a piece of wood measuring 2 inch x 4 inch. As the turbine needs a tail to keep it turned into the wind all the while, the same can be cut from a piece of heavy sheet aluminum. In order to protect the assembly from the ravages of nature, a 4 inch diameter PVC pipe cut into two comes handy. One half of the cut pipe can shield the contraption from rain, snow and slit while the other half is kept reserved for replacement.


As the home built generator power is nearing completion, it now needs a wind turbine charge controller that monitors the voltage of the battery(s) in the system and either sends power from the turbine into the batteries for recharging them or dumping the power from the turbine into a secondary load if the batteries are fully charged. Over-charging is likely to destroy the cells in the battery. However, these minor electronic items are always available at e-bay at a nominal cost.


Now that the unit is fit for operation, one needs the tower to hoist it up into the wind. All one needs for this piece of job is a 10 foot long 1.25 inch conduit and some guy ropes. The rope will anchor the conduit to four wooden stakes driven in the ground while the turnbuckles on the lower end of each guy-line will allow plumbing of the tower. Now one could raise or lower the tower by releasing the line from either stake in line with the pivot fixed at the base.


A gust of wind is all that is required for the home built generator power to work in full capacity. Making the generator at home does not only save you money, but it also gives you the creative satisfaction – particularly if you are the engineering type.


This guide will finally help you get your home built generator power that you want.

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