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How Long Will Wind Energy Last?

Prior to answering the question ‘how long will wind energy last’ let us find out what wind actually is and how wind energy is created. Before the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander gave a scientific reason for wind, people thought it was the “breath of the Gods”. Wind was ‘kind and soothing’ when the Gods were happy but it got ‘wicked and fierce’ when the Gods were unhappy. However, the venerable truth-seeker had explained in no uncertain manner that winds are merely air movement over the earth’s surface. But to get moving, or rather flowing, the air requires some kind of force or energy. And now let us see how this is achieved.

How Long Will Wind Energy Last


When one surface area (that includes both land and sea surface) heats up more quickly than its neighboring surface, the air above it expands, gets lesser in density and goes up, creating a temporary void. As a result, the atmospheric pressure above the hot area suddenly drops, allowing air from the neighboring cooler area to rush in and fill the void. Technically called a Thermal, this observable fact is mostly responsible for steady wind sessions. In fact, that is how the land, sea and country breezes are created.


Moreover, the earth’s rotational movement drags the atmospheric air round with it as a result of which air can not flow directly from a high to low pressure area in a straight line. As the air close to the earth is affected more by this drag as compared to air higher up in the atmosphere, it creates a difference in air speed at different altitudes. But air ultimately ends up mixing in a violent way, creating turbulence. In short, these are some of the factors that give rise to wind energy.


Therefore, as long as the sun goes on heating the earth or parts of it in an uneven fashion and till the earth keeps on rotating on its axis, wind energy will continue to last but may stop if both the phenomenon becomes defunct. But there is another possibility as well – wind energy (being one of the cleanest alternative energies) will keep working for us as long as there is nothing better than this that is available. However as things stand now, that is a distinct possibility – wind energy is sure to last and work well for us for many decades to come.


Another way of looking at the topic would be to take a theoretical view of the topic. Way back in 1919, a German physicist named Albert Betz found out that the most one can probably get out of a wind turbine would be around 59% of the power of the wind or the wind energy. Though this could be debatable but one thing remains true that we cannot convert 100% wind energy as of now. But with continuous research in the field and innovations, this is sure to change in the years ahead and this will make wind energy more efficient.


There are great advantages of wind energy and that is why this alternative source of power is rapidly becoming very popular the world over. Government and the local authorities are offering many incentives to home owners and commercial establishments as well to opt for this. While on the one hand you can clean up the air (fossil fuel reserves are going down rapidly and so we have to look at alternatives anyway), on the other, you can reduce your power bills drastically by installing a personal wind power system. Investing in wind power is thus a great idea – you will just need to know a few simple things such as where to set it up so that is works best, how to install and wire the system, where to get the parts from cheaply and also the safety precautions. Get this manual that will teach you all this, and you will be all ready to benefit from wind energy.

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