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How to Build a Wind Generator:
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If you are keen on building a wind generator, there are a few options for you. Option # 1 concerns buying all the components from a supplier or vendor and then assembling them together to make a wind generator or a wind turbine. Option # 2 concerns buying a wind generator kit where all the components are available along with an instruction booklet for your guidance. The 3rd option is a solo battle where you would have to secure all the components yourself, assemble them together, test yourself and install it on your own. The reward attached to the 3rd option is two-fold it gives you immense self-satisfaction and is also cost effective.

How To Build A Wind Generator


Here are the instructions on how to build a wind generator. However, you may need to become familiar with the components first and so these are listed below.


  • A DC motor that will work as the wind generator, commonly called a turbine
  • Three blades to turn the turbine when facing wind current
  • Transformer-cum-converter to convert the DC current generated by the turbine to AC 120V current for general consumption
  • Battery bank to store the generated current for use as and when needed
  • Electronic control system to switch the generated power from the battery bank to any other dummy load or direct to the grid
  • Some electrical wires, connectors and fuses
  • Tower on which to install the turbine


To secure the first item, you may have to make several visits to nearby hardware stores to pick a small DC motor with high rated rpm. People often choose car dynamos or alternators that are equally as good. However, please see to it that its spindle spins freely and that the bushes or bearings do not crate any unusual noise. Connect it to a battery to see how it runs if the store assistant does not object.


Your next exercise would involve collecting blades for your turbine. You can always make your own blades and keep a spare if you so desire. This however needs another trip to the hardware store to pick up a 6 diameter ABS pipe that is at least 24 long. When cut lengthwise into 4 pieces, they make excellent workable blades for your homemade turbine. In fact, you would need 3 blades for the turbine; the 4th will serve as a spare for replacement if any of the three gets damaged during the trial run.


Now that the generator and the blades are ready for trial, you need a hub to assemble them. So find a hub for your turbine. You need to search for the right component since it has to match the diameter of the generator spindle. After selecting the right one, bring it home to bolt all the three blades to it, maintaining the same slant for all the three. Now, fix the hub with the blades on to the generator spindle and your Turbine is ready for use.


As for the batteries, if you love spending money, go for new batteries that may cost, otherwise you may fish them out of discarded vehicles dumped into junk yards almost for a song.


Now you need to get the electronic charge controller and the transformer-cum-converter. The first item will monitor the charging of the batteries, switching it other dummy load when the batteries are fully charged while the transformer-cum-converter would convert the DC current generated by the turbine to 120V AC for actual use. After connecting the terminals, the turbine becomes ready for the trial run.


The test run being over, a mounting frame for the wind turbine generator is needed. This can be comfortably achieved by fixing the assembly onto a piece of wood measuring 4 x 2. And since the contraption also needs a tail end to keep it keep it turned into the wind all the while, use a piece of aluminum sheet to do the job efficiently.


Now that the unit is fit for operation, one needs a tower to hoist it up into the wind. All one needs for this piece of job is a 10 foot long 1.25 inch conduit and some guy ropes. The ropes will anchor the conduit to four wooden stakes driven in the ground while the turnbuckles on the lower end of each guy-line will allow plumbing of the tower. Now one could raise or lower the tower by releasing the line from either stake in line with the pivot fixed at the base. And your job is over.


Learn how to build a wind generator and much more step by step with the help of a manual. Learn where you should set up the system in your home and how to do it, where to get the parts from cheaply and also how to wire the system. Plus you will also learn about the safety precautions that need to be followed. Cheap wind power made at home is a great idea because it not only helps you save on your power bills, but also contributes to clean up the air.

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