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We have harnessed wind power since a long time. Sailing ships had toiled the seas with wind on their sails for ages while the early Egyptians used wind power in pulling water and grinding corn with the help of massive windmills. However, the first wind powered mill in Europe was commissioned by Prof. James Blyth of Glasgow whose 33’ high cloth sailed machine set up in the garden of his holiday cottage in Scotland started generating power in July 1887. It provided adequate power to light up his cottage and the surrounding garden every night while the pioneering professor’s searching eyes looked for further development in this new field. However,    people in those days could hardly appreciate his ground-breaking achievement and the process of generating electricity was eventually discarded as “the work of the devil”. Incidentally, windmills harness the wind for mechanical power; whereas wind turbines do the same for generating electricity.

Information On Wind Power


We however managed to forget about wind power for all these years till only recently when people realized their blunder in depending on fossil fuelled power that had literally polluted the world to the core. Moreover, these thermal power stations are the biggest contributors of Carbon Dioxide or CO˛ that destroys life and the environment. It is indeed a welcome sign that people are now keen on replacing fossil fuel generated powerhouses with wind generated power. Wind as a renewable natural power is today extensively used to generate electricity in innumerable homes while large wind parks are supplying power to national grids.


Known as wind turbines, these revolutionary mechanisms come in many different shapes and sizes, generating power for homes that range from 5 to 15 kilowatts while utility scale systems provide 300 to 1,000 kilowatts of electrical power. In fact they are so numerous now in most US cities that you probably won’t find a single home without a wind turbine sticking out of its balcony, facing the wind or being perched atop turbine towers. For those who can afford, turbines are complimented by solar panels also generating much needed electrical power.


Information on wind power may remain incomplete if we fail to see wind as another form of solar energy. Though sounding a bit weird, it nevertheless is true since wind power is largely dependant on the sun’s heat rays that creates temperature difference between the land, sea, desert as well as air. For instance, when one surface area on the earth heats up faster than its adjoining surface, the air above it expands, loses its normal density and propels up, leaving a temporary void. As a result of this, the atmospheric pressure in that area abruptly drops (a fact that can be checked with the help of a barometer), urging the neighboring cooler air to rush in, filling the void. Popularly known as Thermal, this common phenomenon is mostly responsible for wind sessions. As a matter of fact, this is one of the primary reasons for wind gathering its force or power.


Wind power and its ability to generate electricity depend on several factors, one of which concerns its resources that also includes it average speed or velocity. For instance, a very weak wind will not be able to turn the blades of a wind turbine and so no electricity will come out of it. However, to overcome this problem one can always take the help of the Windpower map of the United States and find out the relative wind speed at the desired spot or area. Moreover, for the convenience of people using home wind turbine, wind velocity has also been classified. Wind class 3 and above is considered suitable for Home Wind Turbine.


Get complete information on wind power and how to set up a system at home to make your own safe and clean energy with the help of a manual. This manual teaches you where best such a system works in the home, helps you learn how to set it up and wire the system and also makes you know where you can get cheap parts from. Plus you can also learn about the safety precautions. There are numerous ecological and financial benefits and so wind power as an alternative cannot be ignored anymore.

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