Wind Energy Guide

Instructions to Build a Wind Generator from Scratch

To begin with, building a wind generator or a wind turbine does not require the expertise of a Quantum Physicist or a Rocket Technologist. Anyone with minor technical knowledge and having a few machine room tools in his/her possession can do it easily, provided the instructions are clear and specific on how to build a wind generator. Here are some directives to make your own wind turbine in a step by step manner which should be followed to get the desired effect.

Instructions To Build A Wind Generator


Step 1

Consult the USA Wind Map to see if the area selected by you receives adequate wind to run a wind generator. Remember, your wind turbine will need to be located at least 30 feet higher than any nearby obstruction (say, within a 400 feet radius).


Step 2

Verify the prevailing wind direction at the site. If necessary, take the help of the local airstrip or weather station for guidance in this matter since it is significant to the installation of your turbine.


Step 3

Buy or hire an anemometer to check the wind speed at the site as this will ensure that the turbine is working to capacity. It may also tell you when to shut the turbine down in the wake of very high winds.


Step 4

Visit the nearby hardware stores to fish out small electric motor with high rpm rating. An automobile generator or alternator would also do. Connect it to a battery to see that it runs well without any bearing noise.


Step 5

Collect a 6” diameter 24” ABS pipe from the local hardware store and bring it home. When cut lengthwise into four equal pieces, each portion will serve as a blade for your wind turbine. Of course, you would need only 3, the 4th one may be kept aside as a replacement when one gets damaged during the trial run.


Step 6

Pay a visit to the hardware chap once more to locate a hub for the blades. You may have to carry the motor with you to see that the hub fits into the motor’s spindle. However, once located, bring it home and bolt all the three blades to it, maintaining similar slants for all of them.


Step 7

Fit the hub with the blades on to the motor and your wind turbine is ready for testing.


Step 8

As for the electrical, a visit to the nearest e-bay is necessary to get hold of a charge controller for the battery and a converter-cum-transformer for converting the low voltage DC current generated by the turbine to actually usable 120V AC current.


Step 9

All that you need now is a battery bank and a tower for your wind turbine. If you intend to save money on the first item, go visit a car graveyard or a junk yard and salvage out a couple of workable batteries from discarded automobiles for a few dollars. Connect the batteries to the output terminals of the turbine through the charge controller while you should connect the transformer to the battery terminals of the system and then direct to the dummy loads. 


Step 10

Hoist the turbine on pole, preferably a conduit firmly fixed to the ground or anchor it to a steel frame on your roof, keeping in mind the conditions mentioned in Step 1.

Follow the instructions to build a wind generator and you can set up a system to make your own safe and clean energy at home. Here is a manual that will show you where best your system will work in the home, how you should set up the system and complete the wiring, where you should get the cheap parts from and also helps you know about the safety precautions that need to be followed. There are tremendous advantages of wind power that include both ecological as well as financial – so learn as much as you can and go for it. You are sure to benefit.


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