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Personal Wind Power:
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Personal Wind Energy Conversion Systems are usually regulated in theUnited States by different County Wind Energy Conversion System Ordinances. Any person intending to use a personal wind energy conversion system or a hobbyist wishing to do so must abide by the rules framed under the ordinances that are described below. However it needs to be mentioned here that the use of safe and clean energy systems such as wind power are being actively promoted now and thus, the rules favor all those people who are interested in switching over. It is assumed that personal wind power can drastically reduce pollution and also reduce our dependence on the fossil fuels, the levels of which are fact depleting.

Personal Wind Power

Prior to going into the various sections, the definitions as enumerated under the Ordinance are mentioned first.

  1. Personal Wind Turbine: A wind energy conversion system which converts wind energy into electricity through the use of wind driven turbine generator when the Total Height is 150 feet or less.
  2. Total Height: The distance measured from ground level to the blades of a wind turbine extended at its highest point.
  3. Shadow Flicker: The moving shadows or shaded areas that are cast by the rotating turbine blades.

Regulatory Framework

(1)  Zoning

(a)  Personal Wind Turbines may be constructed as a conditional use in areas that are zoned as Exclusive Agriculture, Exclusive Agriculture (2), Primary Agriculture and Rural Residential. They are limited to one wind turbine per contiguous parcel under common ownership.


The requirements of the Ordinance shall apply to all wind turbines for which a permit was not issued prior to the effective date of the Ordinance. Wind turbines for a required permit has been properly issued, or for which a permit was not required, prior to the effective date of this Ordinance shall not be required to meet the requirements of this Ordinance. However, any such pre-existing wind turbine which does not provide energy for a continuous period of twelve (12) months shall meet the requirements of this Ordinance prior to re-commencing production of energy. No modification or alteration to an existing wind turbine shall be allowed without full compliance with this ordinance.

General Requirements for Wind Energy Facilities

(1)  Wind turbines shall be painted a non-reflective, non-obtrusive color which shall be pre-approved through conditional use process.

(2)  At Wind Energy Facility sites, the design of the buildings and related structures shall, to the extent reasonably possible, use materials, colors, textures, screening and landscaping that will blend with the Wind Energy Facility to the natural setting and then existing environment.

(3)  Wind Energy Facilities shall not be artificially lighted, except to the extent required by the FAA or applicable authority.

(4)  Wind turbines shall not be used for displaying any advertising except for reasonable identification of the manufacturer or operator of the Wind Energy Facility. Any such identification shall not appear on the blades or other moving parts or exceed 6 sq ft. per Wind Turbine.

(5)  Electrical controls and control wiring and power-lines shall be wireless or not above ground except where wind farm collector wiring is brought together for connection to the transmission or distribution network, adjacent to the actual network.

(6)  Routes of public travel to be used during the construction phase shall be documented by the owner/operator, and reviewed and approved by the relevant County Highway Department, Town Chairperson and the County Zoning prior to construction.

Apart from these mentioned above, general requirement for wind energy facilities are also guided by other terms and conditions that relate to non-personal use of wind energy.

Set up your personal wind power system at home because it is safe and clean energy. And the best news is, it can be done cheap and without any hassles as well. Electric wind power will help you contribute to clean up the air and also reduce your power bills. But before you can make the system work, you need to know where to set it up at the home, how to set it up and wire the system, where to get the parts from cheap and also the safety precautions that need to be followed.

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