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Pros and Cons of Wind Power: REVEALED

Like every other form of energy, wind power also has its pros and cons, i.e. advantages and disadvantages. However, most of the so called disadvantages, when fully enquired into, prove unsubstantiated. For instance, wind turbines are often blamed for massive bird fatalities on account of their high speed turbine blades. However, detailed investigation into one of the tragedies unearthed a different story. While going through the causes that led to the abnormally high death toll of avian species at the Altamont Pass Resource Area in northern California, it was found that the actual cause of the tragedy was not faulty turbines or their high rpm blades but faulty site selection and so, you cannot really blame wind power for this. The turbines were inadvertently installed along the path of a major bird migration route, and in an area where many raptors forage for food.

Pros And Cons Of Wind Power


Talking about wind power disadvantages, one of the much discussed topics relate to its intermittent nature of generation. This is partly true. Wind, after all, is greatly dependent on nature and weather conditions on which humans have very little or no control. Solar power generation suffer similar fate when the sun sometimes gets a cloud cover. However, since such interruptions are few and far between, a stand by traditional power generator can easily solve the problem. So we see that there is a solution to this as well, and thus this is not a problem as well.


One of the biggest disadvantages of contemporary turbines, especially the residential turbines relate to their catching fire during operation. Although this is nothing unusual for an electrical device remains high up in the air and spins ceaseless for days on end and creates frictional heat on them, thus causing explosion and fire. But there is a solution to this as well. This can be overcome by redesigning the turbines with sealed type lubrication like modern automobile moving parts.


Here is a listing of advantages of wind power. Take a look at them in detail and think for a while and you will yourself understand why experts are saying that the disadvantages are really nothing when you compare them with the many positives.


Advantages of Wind Power


v      Wind power is freely available in as much quantity as required

v      Wind power is clean with no emission during operation

v      Wind power is a renewable form of power

v      Wind power installation cost (Turbine cost) is cheaper than the cost of average sized solar panel

v      Wind Turbines do not need any fuel; they are wind driven.

v      Wind is priceless. Its price can never fluctuate, affecting the production.


In fact there are those who are saying that wind power is the future. And it can very well be. The fact is, fossil fuel reserves are fast depleting, and they cause a lot of green house emissions as well as pollution and so conventional power cannot have a place in the future. Wind power on the other hand is safe and clean energy and thus even the government and authorities in several countries are actively promoting its use. There are various incentives in place to urge people to go for wind power.


Have you ever thought of getting your very own personal wind power system at home? Yes renewable energy for private homes is now possible. To make this possible, you will just need to know a few things such as where to set up the system and how to do it so that it can perform best, how to complete the wiring and also the crucial safety precautions that need to be followed. Here is a manual that will teach you all this, and lead to step by step so that you can finally benefit from wind power.

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