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Sun Force Wind Generator:
A Green and CHEAP Alternative

Economic crisis or no crisis, it does not need a marketing guru to tell you that wind power in the United States today is a fast growing industry and the country is reckoned to be the leading producer of wind electricity. During 2008, the US was declared the fastest growing wind power market in the world for the third year in a row. No wonder, everyone is eying for a market share in the US wind power business now. However, time will be the best judge to determine whose products will eventually win the heart of the American buyers. Nevertheless, a Canadian company based in Montreal by the name of Sunforce seems to have progressed far in this respect and their 400 watt wind generator has already become the talk of the town.

Sun Force Wind Generator


Made out of light weight aluminum cast body with 13 long carbon fiber composite blades (3), Sun forces 400W wind generators allow maximum exposure to the wind that help generate as much energy from whatever available wind power is there. And they are totally weatherproof and absolutely noiseless too. Sunforce generators are also equipped with fully integrated regulator devices that automatically switch the units off when the batteries get fully charged. This obviously saves the battery life on the one hand while relieving operational fatigue for the generator on the other. And they are almost maintenance-free due to the fact that they are built with only two moving parts. The Sunforce 44444 model 400W wind generators carry a 3 year warranty and the company promises to replace any unit found to have manufacturing defect within that period.


However, they do not supply the battery bank with their generator and so anyone wishing to invest in their product should procure the batteries separately. In fact, the tower kit is also sold separately. Since the power output version is not mentioned anywhere, it may be safer to go for a step up transformer-cum-converter to hike the output voltage to 120 volt AC for normal use.


Here are all the standard features that accompany a Sunforce 44444, 400W Wind Generator


       Ideal for cottages, remote areas not served by utility or grid

       Good for 12V Battery charging, Back Up power, computers. Laptops, etc

       Light weight aluminum body eliminates unnecessary turbine mass.

       Has patented High Wind over speed technology

       Equipped with fully integrated velocity regulator to shut down the system as soon as the batteries are fully charged. This also helps reduce metal fatigue.

       Carbon fiber composite turbine blades ensure very low wind noise.

       400W output (max) under ideal conditions.

       Completely weatherproof

       Carries 3-year warranty


However, what makes Sunforce an exclusive brand in the field of small-wind generators is their reliability and visual appeal. Moreover, very few companies producing small-wind turbines offer such a long-period manufacturing warranty. As a matter of fact, the manufacturers are so sure of their product and long-term efficiency that they had provided this as a standard feature of their product. Besides, Sunforce had already cut a niche for themselves in the market for their solar power products that enjoy fairly good reputation.


If you want your personal wind power, this is the time to do so. The fact is, hundreds, even thousands of homes across the US and in other parts of the world as well is realizing the tremendous benefits of this safe and clean energy and is opting for wind power. While on the one hand the benefits are financial (you can reduce your power bills drastically and it is almost maintenance free), on the other you are able to contribute to clean up the environment. Today it seems that wind power is emerging as a viable alternative. With some information, you can also go for wind power. All you need to know is a few simple things like where to set up the system in the home so that you can get the desired results and how to do it, how to wire the system, where to get the parts from and of course the safety precautions that need to be followed.

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