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While ascertaining where wind energy comes from, one should not forget that wind energy is also a form of solar energy. It is a renewable energy, too. As a matter of fact, all renewable energies save and except geothermal and tidal power, including fossil fuels come from the good old sun. However, out of the 174,423,000,000,000 kilowatt hours of energy radiated by the sun to the earth hourly, only 1 or 2 percent of the Sunís energy reaching the earth can be utilized as wind energy. But even at that infinitesimal rate, it is much more (50 to 100 times) than the energy that can be converted to biomass by plants on the earth. So you can well imagine the power and the tremendous potential that this form of energy has.

Where Does Wind Energy Come From

As earlier said, wind energy is formed out of solar heat that beat down upon all earthly objects during the daylight hours, heating up the air floating over them that include mountains, valleys, plain lands, rivers and oceans. Now, the air over the land will obviously behave in a different fashion as compared to the same covering the ocean. As the hot air over the land gets lighter and goes up to the sky, thus creating a void, colder air from above the ocean rushes in to take its place. This gives birth to wind energy which was used by the ancient mariners to sail their ships in high seas. Also, the topography of the earth includes mountains, valleys, plain lands, rivers and oceans, each of which act differently, and thus the way they react to the heating effect of the sun is also different. This causes turbulence which also produces wind energy in some form or another.

But that is not the only place the wind energy comes from. Thereís more. Another form of wind energy comes from the earthís diurnal rotation upon its own axis. This happens when the enveloping air streams clash with each other thus causing stormy conditions. Change of seasons is often related to wind energy too. As the sun enters the winter solstice, the prevailing hot air starts clashing with the newly formed colder air, giving rise to tempests that fuel wind energy of a different kind.

In order to study these phenomenon from a scientific point of view, most US state Universities and departments of Natural Resourcesí Energy Centers coordinate public forums, presented by video conferences in order to enable interested people to learn about the stateís wind energy resources as also to make them acquainted with the type of measures they can take for utilizing the energy to their best satisfaction. And with wind energy becoming more popular with each passing day not only in the United States but all over the world, these forums and interest groups are seen today more than ever before. This is a natural development given the fact that wind power as a source of energy is being utilized more today.

The video conferences on wind energy usually include live presentations and panel discussions among participants from all corners of the state while the forums are held via video conference so that people can access them through their personal computers with broadband internet connection when unable to attend personally.

The forums cover various issues that often include Opportunities for and barriers to wind resource development; Utility operations and transmission needs; Eco-developmental potential; Environmental and aesthetic considerations related to wind energy utilization and Means to best use the stateís wind energy potential. Those who attend these programs share their knowledge on wind energy and try to learn from others. Not only do they discuss about where does wind energy comes from, but also about the technologies progresses made in this area, the potential and the future applications of wind energy that will change the world.

Unfortunately, such facilities are not available elsewhere and the only way to gather more information on the topic is to use search engines for opening up relevant pages. Needless to say, such efforts often prove ineffective and misleading when personal resource seeking seems to be the only alternative.

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