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Where Is Wind Energy Used? Find Out the Surprising TRUTH

What is wind energy? How is it produced?


Wind being another form of solar energy is a rich source of renewable energy. Wind flow however owes its origin to the various geographical and environmental factors like, rotation of the earth, the varying topographical forms and thus the differential heating of the earthís surface by the sunís rays. The flow of wind is essentially a motion energy which is harnessed into mechanical energy called wind energy. Wind energy is machinated into mechanical and electrical power by two majorly used devices like wind mills and wind energy turbines. This wind energy is being used multifariously nowadays. Now where is wind energy used is a very interesting and critical topic of discussion in this era of power conservation.

Where Is Wind Energy Used


Usage and application of wind energy: factors involved


Wind energy is being widely utilized across the world. The knowledge of regeneration and application of this solar power will further help us better realize the viability of wind energy in the various aspects of our lives. To explore where is wind energy used, we need to have a clear idea about wind energy as a resource. Wind is nothing but the circulatory system of the earth where the air from the cooler zones rushes to fill up the vacuum created by the upwardly moving hot air from the relatively warmer parts. Now how and where is wind energy used in a particular area solely depends on the available wind energy resource of that area. Thus the amount of wind covering a particular area throughout the year determines the expanse of its use in that region. The speed of wind is another inherent factor affecting the application and use of wind energy resource. Local terrain and altitude affect the speed of wind like higher altitude provides a less turbulent and speedy wind. Like stated above wind mills and wind energy turbines are two major wind power generators used for generating power. The major difference between the two machines lies in the field of application of the wind energy produced by them. Wind mills are deployed in places where wind energy is harnessed and used for mechanical power like grinding wheat, pumping water etc. and wind energy turbines are deployed to produce electricity.


Who uses wind energy?


Depending on the scale of usage wind energy turbines are available in various power ratings. The source of wind energy being free and uninterrupted makes this resource the most widely accepted amongst its competitors like coal and fossil fuels. Thus the field of application of wind energy stretches from as small as a household and farm requirements to as massive as national and provincial networks.  Thus wind turbines seem to have a more wide application than wind mills. The use of wind energy in supplying power for a nation can be exemplified by that done in Denmark where more than 18.5 % of the national need was provided by wind generated energy. And studies indicate a schedule of 50% of this need to be fulfilled by wind energy by the end of 2030. Thatís quite a decent figure indeed! And implied is the use of large numbers of massive wind energy turbines for the purpose involved. Even the communities located far off from the main electricity grids use the medium or large wind energy turbines as required. Comparatively smaller sized wind energy turbines are being used by groups of individuals in process industries and large farms. And lastly wind turbine generators are used in homes, farms and small scale industrial sites.


How useful is the use of wind energy?


To account for the fields where is wind energy used as a source of power we need to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of the whole application. Like, supplying electricity for a nationwide requirement definitely calls for the side effects involved. And it can be proudly said that wind energy is a pollution-free renewable resource. Also wind energy turbines do not emit any toxic, greenhouse gases or air pollutants like the conventional power plants. Besides saving power, wind energy generators are pretty economic to use thanks to their minimum life cycle cost, minimal operating disbursals and no fuel purchasing. Nevertheless, some minor concerns like noise pollution (produced by the rotor blades), visual impact (blocking the view of the landscape) and avian mortality (bats and birds being killed while flying into the rotors) are been taken care of by wisely locating the wind plants and technological developments. Thus the use of wind energy is being practiced all over the environment conscious nations.


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