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Wind as an Alternative Energy: REVEALED

Wind is one source of alternative energy that is prevalent all over the world. So, harnessing this alternative energy to generate electricity instead of doing so with the help of fossil fuel as well as nuclear sources makes positive sense. First of all, it is a form of renewable energy, meaning that you cannot run out of it. It will be replenished all the while. Secondly, it is free of any emissions, including greenhouse gases and it does not contribute to global warming or climate change. Barring the installation cost of wind power generators (which is covered by incentives, tax credits, special rebates, etc) it has no running cost. Wind is particularly chosen as an ideal form of alternative energy as it is most cost effective in producing electricity which is equally true even for an individual.

Wind As An Alternative Energy

Wind as an alternative energy source is now extensively used in generating electricity with the help of wind turbines that convert the windís kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy in a simple yet practical way. A wind turbine typically consists of a small motor (in case of small-wind generators that are used to provide electricity to private homes) that works as a generator, a blade assembly for running it when held against a strong current, a step-up transformer-cum converter to convert the turbineís DC output to 120V AC, a battery bank for storing the generated electricity for use as and when needed, a charge controller that saves the battery life an yaw to regulate its direction to the wind current and a tower to put it up at a reasonable height so that it can interact with the prevailing wind current. The charge controller can also divert any surplus electricity generated to the power grid (If it is connected) with the idea of selling electricity to the grid or the utility. This way a consumerís electricity bills may be substantially reduced.

Wind power as an alternative energy source is also employed in a much bigger way through more powerful turbines where the driving shaft is coupled to mega generators through a set of helical gears. Outputs from several such full-size wind turbines are joined together and then fed into national grids for general distribution. This activity is quite common in contemporary wind parks or Wind Farms that are located in areas where wind current is more effective.

Wind power as an alternative source of energy is utilized by many European nations as offshore installations generating current. The benefits gathered from offshore installations are two-fold. An offshore Dutch Wind Farm called Princess Amelia Wind Farm had created history on December 21, 2007 when it sent offshore wind powered electricity to a land based power grid. The 120 MW offshore wind farm with a structural budget of Euro 383 million was the first to be financed by a non-recourse loan. It has 60 Vestas V80 Ė 2MW wind turbines, each turbineís tower resting on monopole foundations to depths ranging from 18 to 23 meters in the sea and located at a distance of 23 km off the Dutch coastline.

Wind as an alternative energy is really becoming popular as the governments of various countries have realized that this is a safe and clean energy. Further, the fossil fuel reserves have dropped and very soon we need an alternative, and it seems likely that wind power is going to be a forerunner. And because of this, there are many incentives to urge both individuals and commercial establishments to opt for wind power.

Investing in wind power makes a lot of sense because there are both financial as well as ecological benefits. While on the one hand you can clean up the air, on the other, you can drastically reduce your power bills. You can get cheap wind power at home by installing a system, but for that, you need to know where to set it up and how to do is, how to wire the system, where to get the parts from and also the safety precautions. Here is a manual that gives you all this information.

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