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Wind driven generators or wind generators are also called wind turbines. They help generate electricity and are usually of two major types: (a) small wind-generators that provide electricity for private homes and small enterprises and (b) larger turbines that generate power for wind farms. However, the basic technology involved in both of these two types is more or less the same. As a matter of fact, all wind driven generators convert the kinetic energy in a wind current to mechanical or electrical energy in the following manner.

Wind Driven Generators


A small or home use wind generator consists of a small motor that serves as its generating unit, a set of blades to set the motor-cum-generator in motion, a battery bank to store the generated electricity, a charge controller to save the battery life since overcharging shortens it, a step up transformer-cum-inverter to raise the small DC output of the generator to useful 120V AC and a tall tower (at least 30 feet or higher than the neighboring trees or structures) for installing the generator on top of it. As the wind current hits the blades, it starts to lift them and in the process the generator’s drive shaft that is attached to the blades starts spinning. And as it spins at a high revolution, electricity is generated which charges the batteries. Of course, the outputs will depend on the wind speed, the nature of turbulence, diameter of the blades and the generator capacity. According to figures available on the topic, wind speeds of 8 miles per hour is good for the battery charging while 12 mph is recommended for systems that are linked with the utility. Some wind driven generators are provided with speed governors or brakes to save them from exceptionally high winds or tornados.


With larger size wind generators that are used in wind farms, the drive shafts are separately coupled to generators suitably arranged within the housing by means of a set of helical gears. This ingenious device increases the rotational velocity of the generator, as a result of which power generation increases to a much higher degree. When several such large size wind generator are set in an array, adequate power is generated that proves sufficient for large number of households or other electrically operated installations. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Taylor and Nolan County in Texas is considered to be the largest wind farm in the world.


Wind driven generators are currently very much in demand throughout the US where most counties and states provide incentives to anyone intending to install these turbines. Although small rooftop models have flooded the market now, they prove hazardous to the roof while wind turbulence within the roof often tends to reduce the quantum of generated power.


On the other hand, small wind generator for home use can be easily built by anyone with a little mechanical knowledge at an unbelievably low cost. All that one needs to make a wind generator will include a small motor that can be fished out of a hardware store, blades that can be cut out of 6 inch diameter 24 inch ABS pipe, also from the same source, batteries secured almost for a song from any automobile junk yard and an electronic chare controller and a voltage step up transformer-cum inverter from any outlet. If necessary, one has to visit the hardware store again for getting a hub for the blades. Assembled together and perched high up on a conduit or a pole with a yaw attached to it, will surely be most rewarding.


Adding wind power makes a lot of sense – there are both financial as well as ecological benefits. Set up your personal wind power system at home because it is safe and clean energy. And the best news is, it can be done cheap and without any hassles as well. You can contribute to clean up the air and also reduce your power bills. But before you can make the system work, you need to know where to set it up at the home, how to set it up and wire the system, where to get the parts from cheap and also the safety precautions that need to be followed.

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