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Wind Energy Statistics and Facts

Wind energy statistics are more encouraging than ever before. There used to be a time when the number of people using wind energy could be counted on your fingers. Wind energy, in its early days, was looked upon as something of a fancy novelty, an amusing accessory. It was much later that people started taking wind energy seriously and began looking upon it as a viable source of energy. Continual research and advancements in related fields have made them more powerful, more advanced and also, more affordable. Gone are the days when a wind power system could manage to generate only a meager amount of electricity. The modern day windmill power generator system, even in its most stripped down form, can produce enough electricity to power an entire household of average size. In some cases, when the winds are particularly strong and other circumstances are favorable, it may also produce electricity in excess of one’s requirement, enabling one to sell back the surplus to the local electric supply company.  It’s no wonder that more and more people are switching over wind power and enjoying the clean and ‘green’ energy that it produces.

Wind Energy Statistics


Alternative sources of energy production, such as solar and windmill systems, have always enjoyed varying degrees of popularity with the masses. The main advantage of using them is, they keep the environment clean and do not put a strain on our fast diminishing natural reserves. The need for alternative sources of energy has never been felt so strongly as now. With our dwindling reserves of natural resources and in the face of an imminent threat of humanity getting severely crippled by the lack of petrol, coal and other natural energy sources, we all need to replace our conventional sources of energy supply with renewable and sustainable sources. We need an alternative solution, one that will not destroy nature, damage the environment, or threaten the future of the planet. With these concerns in perspective, clean, renewable energy such as wind power and solar power are being adopted with increasing enthusiasm everywhere.


One common misconception about wind power systems, one that has deterred their absorption into daily lives, is that they are not powerful enough to meet all our needs. There might have been a grain of truth in such an idea till some years back. However, ongoing research and all the recent advancements in this field have made the modern wind power systems powerful enough to provide sufficient power to an entire household, and even produce in excess. If you happen to live in a particularly windy area, or experience strong winds for a large part of the year, you can reap excellent benefits from a wind power system. One great advantage with such systems is that you can store the energy produced to be used later, especially when the circumstances are not conducive to producing fresh energy.


Wind energy statistics are always changing, and changing for the better. There are more takers, more installations and more dependence on them. The governments in many countries are announcing policies to make them more popular. Some states even reward individuals if they adopt wind power systems. Always a delight with environmentalists, wind energy is being adopted in more and more countries with plenty of zeal and enthusiasm. Countries like Denmark have successfully integrated wind power systems into their overall power generation scheme to a very significant measure. Other countries are also following suit. Wind energy statistics, in spite of being much lower than conventional energy figures, show an encouraging curve. It won’t be long before wind energy will feature as a major supplier of the world’s energy.


Wind power systems, in spite of their getting more user-friendly over the years, still require some degree of expertise. If you are new to wind power systems and are planning to set up one for yourself, take the help of a good step-by-step guide. You will find such a guide very helpful in answering all your questions, in finding the best deals on the equipment and in helping you take the right steps. Plus you will also learn about the all important safety precautions.   

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