Wind Energy Guide

Wind Generator Kit:
Is It Worth It or Not?

Wind power has come a long way since its discovery decades ago. The first wind power systems developed by man were very large machines producing very little power. However, as time has progressed, continual research and technological advancements have made them less complicated and more powerful. Today, one can buy ready to install wind generator kits in the market for a surprisingly affordable price. These systems are easy to install (some of them are of the DIY or do-it-yourself kind allowing for quick installation without any professional or special assistance) and yet pack in enough punch to produce sufficient electricity to keep an entire household running. Their improved performance and user-friendliness is matched only by their better affordability. Indeed, a wind generator kit in today’s world is no longer a hassle or an impractical accessory. Rather, it is a necessity and a wise choice for any household.

Wind Generator Kit


A wind generator kit can come in different shapes in sizes. There are many models out there and you are sure to find a handful of very good kits on the Internet or the local Yellow Pages. The choice of a wind generator kit is determined by the number and nature of applications that you want to use it for. It is natural that large applications would require more elaborate and more powerful kits, while a smaller wind generator would usually suffice for a household of average size. In this article, we’d be focusing chiefly on the wind generator kit designed for small-scale personal application, such as an average sized home. It is worthwhile to remember that all wind power systems basically operate on the same set of principles. The basic constituents and components of a wind power also remain the same, no matter what size it is.


A typical windmill power generator can be broken up into the following major parts –


  • A tower or a set of towers
  • Turbine(s)
  • Dynamo(s) and generator(s)
  • Wires


The tower, along with the five-blade turbine, forms the backbone of any wind power system. The height of the tower is usually determined by the average speed of wind in the region. Usually, areas with feeble wind speeds would require taller towers whereas high wind speeds will let you get away with shorter tower heights. Even though opinions vary, the general consensus has it that an average speed of 11 km/hr. is needed for a wind power system to generate any appreciable amount of electricity. Anything less than that would probably be not enough to meet your requirements.


As the wind blows and causes the turbine to turn, it causes the dynamo to spin as well. This is turn produces the useful electricity. A wind power system can be set up in such a way so that its supply is fed directly into the main supply line of a house. This allows the electricity produced by the system to flow directly into the house through the existing wiring and run various appliances. In some cases, the owner of a wind power system can choose to hook up with the main supply grid of the locality and send back any excess power to the local electric supply company. He can thus sell off the surplus and make a profit from it too. Some wind power systems also come with the advantage of letting you store some of the generated energy for later use. This is very useful as it ensures uninterrupted power supply to your house even when the conditions are not very favorable.


These days one can easily buy a wind generator kit to have an additional means of getting power. However, in spite of their simplification over the years, setting up a wind generator system at home can throw up many obstacles if you are not careful. Why take chances when there are so many good guides available today to help you through every step of the way? Get a guide and have a smooth installation. As Dylan would have said, “It’s blowin’ in the wind.”


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