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Wind Power Advantages: The SECRET List

Wind power advantages are many in number. As a means of getting renewable, clean energy, wind power scores very high, perhaps second only to solar power. Conventional energy production methods have always contributed to environmental pollution and have also led to the rapid destruction of the planetís natural resources. The emission of carbon dioxide, that such conventional methods of energy production are accompanied by, has always been a major problem. The gradual depletion of the naturally available resources, such as coal and petroleum products, is another major cause for concern. By employing wind power, one can easily get all the power one needs without endangering the environment or threatening the future of the planet.

Wind Power Advantages


Apart from being an excellent choice as a sustainable as well as a lean energy resource, wind power also comes with a distinct cost advantage. The cost of electricity is forever rising. The monthly bills of the average householder are on the rise too. Wind power comes as a veritable godsend under such circumstances. It can easily meet all your energy requirements at a fraction of the usual cost. In fact, wind power is the least expensive source of renewable energy. After the initial setup costs, electricity produced by wind power can be enjoyed virtually free. Depending on the size and capacity of a wind power system, one can cut monthly electricity bills by as much as 90%! Today, commercially produced wind power electricity would cost as low as 5 cents for every Kilo Watt Hour (kWh), which is almost at par with new coal. Moreover, wind power systems are almost maintenance-free. This allows for even further savings.


Some of the chief wind power advantages are given below:

  • A wind power system provides a sustainable source of income for local farmers. It can also generate new job opportunities in a locality.
  • The local economy can benefit from wind power. In fact, it can help boost the economy of a region substantially and also has a beneficial impact on the nationís economy. It helps a nationís independent growth, lessens the dependence on other nations for her power supply and ultimately contributes to national economic prosperity.
  • Wind power also makes significant contribution to improving the local infrastructure such as roads, transportation and power.
  • Wind power is a true Ďgreení energy source and is one of the cleanest sources of power known to man.
  • By and large, it is mostly affordable. Due to its generally inexpensive nature, it can be widely afforded by a large cross section of the society.
  • Eco-tourism is promoted and encouraged by wind power.
  • Wind power systems usually feature a scalable model. In other words, it supports modular increments, requires a small footprint in its initial stages and can also be decommissioned quickly.
  • Wind power helps preserve the natural resources of the planet, curb their destruction and also preserves the rural landscape.


In spite of the many wind power advantages, we are yet to embrace the technology with full enthusiasm. It is very unfortunate indeed that the vast potential of wind power remains largely untapped with less than 1% of the worldwide energy being produced by the wind. However, as technology continues to improve and people are made increasingly aware of its many benefits, wind power usage will continue to grow. Some countries like Denmark have already started using wind power on a very large scale.


To enjoy the many benefits and advantages of wind power, all one has to do is set up a wind power system for himself. However, this might be a difficult proposition for those who are new to the technology or have no prior experience. Therefore, a good instructional guide is strongly recommended. By following step-by-step instructions, even the most inexperienced layman can set up a fully functional wind power system and start enjoying its many benefits.


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