Wind Energy Guide

Wind Power Electricity Can WORK for You

As time progresses, the cost of living also increases. In spite of all the efforts made by the government to keep the prices down, every year registers an increase in them. Things are getting dearer and the cost of some essential services, such as the price of petroleum products, is continually rising. Unfortunately, itís the average American householder who has to bear the most weight. Escalating electricity bills are robbing him of his mental peace. A large chunk of his monthly income is getting gobbled up by energy bills, electricity and heating bills. Is there a way to have a cheaper source of power?

Wind Power Electricity


Fortunately, there is. Try wind power electricity. Alternative sources of energy production, such as solar and windmill systems, have always enjoyed varying degrees of popularity with the masses. The main advantage of using them is, they keep the environment clean and do not put a strain on our already dwindling natural reserves. The energy produced by these systems is clean, Ďgreení, renewable and sustainable. To add to this, over the years, wind power technology has met with tremendous growth and advancements, resulting in their becoming more user-friendly, less complicated, more affordable and powerful in general. Gone are the days when a wind power system could manage to generate only a meager amount of electricity. The modern day windmill power generator system, even in its most stripped down form, can produce enough electricity to power an entire household of average size. In some cases, when the winds are particularly strong and other circumstances are favorable, it may also produce electricity in excess of oneís requirement, enabling one to sell back the surplus to the local electric supply company.


Installing a wind power system at home requires no rocket science. There are plenty of do-it-yourself kits available in the market, and most installations donít even require professional assistance. Even the most inexperienced person in such matters can easily set up a wind power system with the help of the accompanying manual. In spite of their different shapes and sizes, wind power electricity follows the same set of principles. The basic equipment also remains the same. Letís take a closer look.


The backbone of any wind power system is the turbine. It is usually a 5-blade fan, which is fitted atop a tower and set to rotate freely in the wind. The height of the tower depends on the speed of the wind. If you live in an area that experiences fairly strong winds throughout the year, you can keep your tower short. However, weaker winds would require taller towers. By a rule of thumb, you should have the wind blowing at 11 km/hr or more, to take any appreciable advantage of your wind power system. Lower wind speeds would make the turbine rotate too slowly and the amount of power generated by it also would be too little to be of any use.


Next, the dynamo and the generator. As the wind turns the turbine, it activates the dynamo which generates electricity and feeds it into the main power supply system of the house. The best thing about modern installations is that you need not change anything in your home to install the wind turbines. You can use the existing wiring of your house to install the turbines and utilize the wind power. Wind power electricity also gives you the added advantage of getting to store the energy produced for later use. This is great for times when there is an absence of strong winds.


Setting up a wind power electricity generation system has become very easy over the years. However, it still helps to have a good guide to walk you through all the steps of buying the right equipment, setting it all up, wiring the system and finally generating wind power electricity successfully. Here is a manual that will help you in all this so that finally you can benefit from cheap wind power.


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