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Wind Power Generators - EXPOSED

What are wind power generators?

Wind is a form of solar power and it can be wielded to regenerate wind energy. The flow of wind creates a motion energy that is harnessed into mechanical and electrical energy by the help of wind power generators. The patterns of wind flow over the earthís surface are altered by various factors like the diversified topography, rotation of the earth and even by the uneven heating of the earthís surface by the sunís rays. The vegetative covering and water bodies also contribute profoundly in the wind flow patterns. There are majorly two varieties of wind power conversion system like the wind mills and the wind energy turbines.

Wind Power Generators

Wind power generators: How do they function?

Wind energy turbines and wind mills are differently used for generating wind power for different purposes. Wind mills are deployed to produce mechanical power whereas wind energy turbines are used to generate electricity for household as well as national and provincial networks. Wind mills on the other hand find their application in pumping water, grinding cereals etc. wind turbines, however being the most modernized form of wind power generators are being largely deployed these days.

The underlying principle of a wind turbine is very simple. A wind turbine usually consists of a rotor with two or three blades. This rotor is connected to a main shaft which again spins a generator that produces electricity. The number of blades in a wind turbine determines the output efficiency of the machine. More blades produce more energy. Of course, the vital role of the amount of wind in that particular area cannot be ruled out at all. A faster wind ensures a heavy turnout of wind power. The minimum wind speed required for an adequate supply of electricity is 15 miles per hour. Thus wind turbines are generally installed high up on towers at a usual height of 100 feet or thirty meters since, higher the altitude, faster and less roily is the wind. Also the number of blades alters the efficiency to a great extent. More blades mean more energy. Wind mills are again of various types depending on the purpose where the regenerated mechanical energy is applied. Thus a wind mill that is deployed for pumping water from a well or a draining land is called a wind pump. And tjasker is another kind of wind mill used for raising water in areas where a low head is needed. Closely compared both the wind power generators are efficient in their respective fields of deployment but still a closer look reveals the fact as to which one is more beneficial and cost-effective.

Wind power generators: advantages and disadvantages

The very fact that wind is an absolutely free and unlimited resource clearly accounts for the rapidly growing awareness of the wind power regeneration system. Not only free but a clean source of power that ensures a pollution free output is an added bonus indeed. Unlike the conventional power plants wind power generators never emit air pollutants and greenhouse gases that poison the environment by depleting the atmospheric layers. Coming to the economics of wind power conversion system, it is quite easy on your pocket as the towers can be built on farms and ranches in the rural areas that are supposedly the best wind sites. The lands on which the towers are built are still useable by the farmers and ranchers as the plant requires only a small fraction of the land. The farmers can even lease their farm lands for rent to the wind energy plant owners.

In spite of all the advantages the wind power plants pose a few disfavors like avian mortality (bats and birds being killed while flying into the rotors), visual impacts (the huge towers blocking the view of the landscape) and noise pollution (generated by the rotor blades). However, the main disadvantage lies in the nude fact that wind, the sole source of wind power, is an involuntary phenomenon and thus sporadic in nature. However, locating wind sites wisely and improvising on the technological aspect we can easily offset the disadvantages mentioned above. It is high time we make a move to stir up the awareness of wind power worldwide.

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