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Dylan once sang, “It’s blowin’ in the wind”, and one couldn’t be closer to the truth. When we ask ourselves how to stop the reckless felling of trees and rapid depletion of our precious natural resources, yet have a sustainable source of power and energy for our daily life, the answer might be found in those few words. As the world seems to be at the threshold of an energy crisis and future is looking bleak with wood, coal, petroleum and other natural resources failing miserably short of meeting our rising demands, it’s high time mankind explored other options.

Wind Power Solutions


The need for renewable, ‘green’ energy has never been felt strongly as now. Fortunately, man has been able to harness various forms of natural energy and out them to his use. Solar power and wind power are two of the more popular ones. While these alternative modes of power have been around for quite some time now, their popularity has not diminished. In fact, with every passing day, the number of households employing these solutions continues to rise.


Wind power solutions for the average household are excellent for cutting down on power bills, staying independent (as far as generating your own power is concerned), and also keeping the environment clean. Wind power is virtually free and there’s no limit to how much power you can generate. It is indeed a great feeling to watch your monthly power bills get lesser and lesser as you continue to generate all your domestic power from the wind. There is much comfort to be found also in the thought that by using wind power systems, you are not endangering the environment and are actually helping preserve our precious and already dwindling reserve of natural resources.


The growing popularity of wind power systems can be largely attributed to the fact that such systems, over the years, have become tremendously affordable, easy to install and very powerful. There are some very good Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits available in the market today that let you easily set up fully functional wind power systems right in your back garden. Once you’ve set up the system, it doesn’t take much of anything else to start generating all the electricity you need. Well, except perhaps some good string winds. People living in windy areas stand to benefit most from wind power systems. A typical system usually requires the wind to blow between 9 – 11 km/hr. If you have a weaker wind, your wind power systems may not be able to generate sufficient power. Also, with a string wind you van afford to keep the height of your tower short. The rule of thumb is, weaker the wind, taller the tower and vice versa. Those living near the sea, or in places where the wind is fairly strong and blows throughout the year, can get splendid results by using wind power solutions.


Wind power solutions basically involve transforming kinetic energy into various other useful forms of energy, chiefly electricity. A typical system would involve a turbine fitted atop a tower, a generator, cables and a few other pieces of equipment. As the wind turns the turbine, the kinetic energy is used to move a dynamo that in turn generates electricity which is fed into the household to power various appliances. One can also choose to hook up with the main supply grid of the local electric supply company and send back any excess power that might be generated. In other words, one can actually sell the excess energy generated and profit by it. It is a great way to earn some fast cash.


Wind power systems, in spite of their getting more user-friendly over the years, still require some degree of expertise. If you are new to cheap wind power systems and are planning to set up one for yourself, take the help of a good step-by-step guide. Here is a guide that will give you the information you need about where to set it up in your home, how to do it and wire the system, where to get the parts from and also the safety precautions. Find the manual that will show you all this step-by-step.     

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