Wind Energy Guide

Wind Power Systems: Pain or GAIN?

At a time when the entire world is busy worrying over depleting natural resources and is looking for viable alternative sources of power, wind power systems come as a veritable Godsend. Interestingly, itís not a new technology. Wind power systems have been around for quite some time. For a long time man has been trying to harness the various natural sources of energy and put it to his use. Solar energy, hydro-power, wind turbines Ė these are nothing new. However, their importance has changed over time. When they were first discovered, these modes of generating power were little more than a novelty. Today, they have become a necessity. If we are to prevent a global energy crisis from crippling humanity, we must turn to these alternative sources of renewable energy.

Wind Power Systems


Wind power systems have come a long way since their first discovery. There used to be a time when setting up a wind power system involved a lot. It took days to set up a system and usually involved plenty of complexities. However, the times have changed and today, one can buy do-it-yourself (DIY) kits from the local market that enable him to set up his very own wind power system right in his backyard in a matter of hours. In fact, one can set up a fully-functional wind power system without much hassles and have all the power one needs instantly.


In spite of the fact that wind power systems have become extremely easy to install, and also quite affordable, there are certain things to take care of. The first is the choice of location. It is critical to understand oneís surroundings well. It doesnít take rocket science to realize that wind power systems require a good deal of wind. It is therefore of utmost importance to choose a location where the wind is strong and plentiful. Most wind power systems, designed for domestic purposes, would require the wind blowing between 9 to 11 km/hr. Anything less than that would be pitifully insufficient and may even render the entire setup quite useless. Also stronger the wind, the better. With a strong wind around, you can get away by using short towers, while a weaker wind would require a taller tower.


Speaking of towers, well, they form the backbone of all wind power systems. Wind power systems are basically driven by a turbine situated atop a tower. As the wind turns the turbine, the kinetic energy is transformed into useful electrical energy by using suitable dynamos and generators. This electricity, in turn, is fed into the main electrical system of the house to run various appliances. One can also choose to connect to the main supply grid, thereby getting the opportunity to sell off any excess power that he might be generating to the local electric supply company. It is a great means of earning some cool bucks on the side.


The best thing about wind power systems is that once youíve set one up, the power generated by it is virtually free. If youíve always worried about your rising electricity and power bills, hereís an excellent way to cut cost without cutting the corners. Get all the power you need (and if youíre lucky, a little bit in excess too) at a fraction of the usual cost and enjoy super savings. Thatís the beauty of clean, renewable energy such as wind power. Whatís more, it also helps keep the environment clean and doesnít out a strain on our natural resources.


Itís always helpful to have a guide at hand if you are setting up your wind power system for the first time. A good guide or set of step-by-step instructions will not only help you set up your very own wind power system successfully, but also find the best deals on the requisite equipment, avoid common mistakes and unleash its full potential. Here is a manual that will help you in all this Ė it will help you learn where to set up your own cheap wind power system in the home and how to do it, how to complete the wiring, plus you will also learn about the safety precautions.    

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