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Wind Powered Energy - What Is Wind Powered Energy and How To Generate It

Primarily, ‘wind energy’ or ‘wind powered energy’ stands for the force related to the wind that is harnessed to generate mechanical power or electricity, depending on the requirement, the availability of sustained strong wind to support the issues and deliver the goods. Wind turbines turn the kinetic energy in the fast flowing wind into electrical power that can be utilized for various purposes such as to electrify homes, workplaces, educational institutions or business houses. There are other forms of use too that include its use in micro-computer based equipment and internet related work schedules.

Wind Powered Energy

Use of wind powered energy is evidenced in many parts of the United States now where tall towers with turbines ensconced at their mastheads reveal the presence of power producing wind turbines that go on generating power day and night. And why only the US, wind powered energy is seen in other parts of the world as well. Wind powered energy may be rightly called solar powered energy (that has nothing to do with photovoltaic cells) since wind itself comes from heating of the earth’s surface with intense sunrays that create wind tunnels.

Wind powered energy comes from wind energy which, fortunately for most of the United States, is available aplenty. But at the same time, its rating could be different at different locations and so, wind resources are required to be measured by ‘Wind-power Density Classes’. These classes range from Class One, which is the lowest to Class Seven, which is the highest. Hovering in between the one and the seven are Class three and above that has wind speed of 13 mph that may be called average good resource. This however, is a critical issue since the wind powered energy is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed.

Since wind powered energy all over the world is a free and renewable form of energy that is simply inherited by the humankind living in this small planet and is inexhaustible in its nature, it has to be harnessed in optimum capacity for the benefit of humanity. Besides, wind powered energy is clean, non-polluting and totally non-interfering in terms of global warming or enhancement of greenhouse effects and so, all efforts might be directed towards reaping the harvest by way of electrifying every square inch of our dear old earth. In a simple statement issued by the U.S. Department of Energy in 1990 it was revealed that California’s wind powered generating plants had offset the emission of more than 2.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide and 15 million pounds of sundry pollutants that would have otherwise been produced through the use of conventional fossil fuel operated power generators.

Regrettably enough, even though the cost of wind powered energy use for the generation of electricity has registered a phenomenal decrease during the past few years, the technology still requires a costlier initial investment as compared to conventional fossil fuel generating plants. And this is one factor that is holding it back. Another related issue concerns selection of the site. The ideal wind powered energy sites are mostly to be found in remote hilly areas whereas the demand for electricity is restricted to urban areas that are located far away from the generation sites. And so, the cost of erecting power poles and drawing the cables usually offset the savings earned from the lower cost of production of the current.

Be that as it may, when wind powered generating systems are compared with fossil fueled systems on ‘life-cycle’ cost basis, computing the fuel and operating costs during the life of the generator, the former may be found cheaper for the plain fact that the raw material required for it is obtained absolutely free of cost.

However, the only hostility that is shown against wind powered energy consuming equipment are from a group of environmentalists who strongly object to their installation among natural surroundings for the constant roar or the hum of the turbines that turn at fairly high speed to generate power. Yet, the little hum is far more welcome to the smoke belching fossil fueled leviathan power generators that pollute entire regions where they are installed.


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